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NATURAL SHIELD technology is developed solely from rare natural herbs, to provide great antioxidant protection to your pet’s body.

Citrus extracts contain citroflavonoids – an antioxidant that reduces ammonia levels, balances intestinal microflora, increases digestibility & palatability. It also provides pectic oligosaccharides – a natural prebiotic that is broken down by microorganisms in the large intestine & colon, which releases short-chain fatty acids with scientifically proven cholesterol-lowering ability.

Camellia seed extract & saponin from Yucca schidigera extract boost nutrient absorption & improve digestion.

Tea leaves & Moringa leaves provide a large amount of polyphenols, which directly boosts the immune system, supports brain development, fights cell aging & reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

More than just delicious meals, NATURAL SHIELD gathers the best of Nature to create a potent shield for your pet’s immune system against diseases, helping them enjoy a longer & healthier life.