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Our Story

Brand story of Keos

4000 years ago, in Ancient Egypt, dogs and cats were venerated as sacred animals. In Kheops, the greatest pyramid built and seventh wonder of the world, man and pets previously lived in harmony. We are convinced that the world is a better place when animals and people live in harmony. The brand Keos incorporates this invaluable heritage of 4000 years of history between mankind and our companions (dogs and cats). The Keos team is full of passionate pet lovers and others alike. Keos is an international pet food brand specializing in cat and dog food products.


Christophe GUILLAUME

Bùi Bình Dương


Lương Hoàng Hải
Commercial Director for Vietnam market

Bertrand ALBIN
Commercial Director for Export market

Technical and Scientific Director

Thibaut VITRE
Operations Director


Our Value

Keos: Innovative pet food formulas backed up by scientific research. Incorporating new recipes and concepts with natural sources of nutrition in place of chemical nutrition. KEOS pushes to be natural in terms of it’s commercial products. As well as to support local growth through local production. We are constantly striving to understand consumers’ desires by responding to constant feedback in order to better fulfil our promises.
We create partnerships with distributors and business partners that are based around honesty. Establishing reliable and ever evolving partnerships and treating each other with the dignity and respect found within true family values. Our approach to sustainability ensures that we show pets, people and the planet the respect they deserve. Trust, honesty and accessibility are core fundamentals for all our products and reflect what Keos signifies.


Our Mission

Nowadays, animals are part of every family, they are more and more common. Cats, dogs, etc, there are many kinds of pets. We love them and we do our best to bring them happiness and well-being. Creating healthier relationships between humans and pets and increase awareness and knowledge for all are clients are core values of ours. We push to provide all the answers that you may have. Keos provides simple but high grade quality kibbles for all.


Our Promise

Keos holds itself up to International quality and expertise in compliance with FEDIAF guidelines. Through innovative, nutritional, natural and fresher pet food products from carefully sourced, certified origins, we have removed all the artificial coloring from Keos products for dogs and cats, Keos improves the health and well-being of your pets. A variety of products meeting nutritional needs for kittens, puppies and adult pets. Globally sourced and produced locally with European technology and formulas certified by FEDIAF. Promoting transparency of all our products is a core value at Keos.


Dedicated factory

Keos Factory

Established in 2021 in Vietnam, Keos is one of the leading pet food factories in South East Asia. We’ve earned our success through our use of advanced technology and a team made up of experienced pet food professionals. These assets allow Keos to create a high grade quality kibble for all your beloved pets. Keos develops, manufactures and sells products to satisfy all pet needs. We offer dry extruded dog and cat food. Moreover, we deliver a premium and hyper premium line for any and all pets with special needs.

Our high-quality ingredient sourcing is secured with intensive quality control checks at reception and after production to ensure complete conformity to our strict quality requirements for both raw materials and finished goods. We use recognized international laboratory to ensure confidence our analysis results and offer safe and nutritious food for our customers.